About Bex Café & Juice Bar

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About Bex

Bex Café & Juice Bar opened in Greenville, SC in October 2015. From the beginning, we have focused on creating quality food and drink items and offering exceptional customer service. Our mission is to make healthy food and beverage options accessible to everybody, and we do so with the freshest ingredients. We source all our ingredients from local vendors when possible. We make everything in our cafe to order, and all of our menu items are fully customizable. We’re here to guide you with tried-and-true recipe options, but at Bex, the sky is the limit when it comes to creating a juice, smoothie, coffee concoction, or food item that you love.

Bex Café & Juice Bar | Greenville, SC | Fresh Made to Order Juices and Smoothies | Coffee, Breakfast, and Lunch in Downtown Greenville, SC

Our Story

Owned and operated by Greenville-native Becky Simon, Bex Café & Juice Bar was born from a passion for healthy eating and community experiences. The Simon family had always dreamed of opening a business together. After an unforgettable vacation to the Cayman Islands where they walked into a juice and smoothie bar for the first time, they knew they were onto something. With the support of her parents, Becky realized her dream of opening a juice bar in 2015. Bex boasts a welcoming atmosphere and a diverse menu that has something for everybody.

Our Team

The staff at Bex Café & Juice Bar contribute as much to the inviting, relaxing atmosphere as do the food and the decor. Our goal is to make your ordering and dining experience as enjoyable as possible, so we are here to answer questions, guide you through the ordering process, and make suggestions on what items are popular. We keep our staff small so that you get a chance to know everybody, and we get a chance to know and serve you better.

Hungry Yet?

Our breakfast and lunch menu offers the perfect variety of healthy and hearty items that are made to order. Whether you’re looking to start your day off right or keep your momentum going through the afternoon, Bex has got you covered.

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